-- Charlie started the Gay Stamp And Coin Collectors Club in the mid-1980's with an ad in The BP. As with all the other sections of this website, we've placed whatever file we had in the CLGA. It may have lasted a year and was strictly a mail group, people wrote to Charlie, he made up a membership list and circulated it, then people wrote to each other. The members were mostly from Canada but also the States and Britain. Who knows, some of them may still be in contact with each other. There was one lonely member from rural Ontario who kept sending long and horny letters to everyone.

-- Charlie was also in Our True Colours, a short-lived arts-related group also from the mid 1980's started by another friend of ours, Ed Fontaine. It never really got off the ground, as far as Charlie remembers.

-- Charlie was on the board of directors of Ward Seven News for a while in the 1970's but of course this was not a gay venture. He worked shift and that always seemed to conflict with board meetings, so it didn't work out and he eventually resigned. For several years the two of us delivered this community newspaper door to door in Riverdale, where we lived at that time.